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Cancel your subscription for free within seconds using our online subscription cancellation services.

Our advisors are trained by our partners to handle any type of requests and also give relevant answers to any queries.

Subscription cancellation services covered by our team provide customers with a global and unique solution in response to multiple needs: entrepreneurship support, clients’ assistance, sport-tracking. Their expertise varies a lot, but the aim stays the same: to simplify the customers’ experience.

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You can write an e-mail or ask for a free-call to request a refund.

One customer service for all of your online subscriptions

A simplified management of your subscriptions

Csrarea offers you the chance to easily manage your different subscriptions: just enter the e-mail address you used when subscribing, and check your account with a simple click. All relevant information is gathered in one place, so you can see an overview of your different subscriptions. You can also contact the saferhelp’s agents in charge of your offer, either asking to be called, unsubscribing or even making a complaint.

Agents always at your service

Csrarea’s agents are after-sales service experts and will provide all answers to your inquiries. You can contact them directly by live chat, e-mail at contact@csrarea.net, or by phone from 9am to 1pm from Mon to Fri and from 9am to 1pm during weekends, and they will answer within 48 hours. Should you have any issues managing your account or any questions, please feel free to contact us.

A well-known expertise

We run many after-sales services for our partners and they have been all satisfied so far. Our expertise covers entrepreneurship support, administrative assistance, or sport tracking. Our main purpose is to ease our customer’s everyday life and to reach 100% client satisfaction.



Why do I have a Csrarea standing order on my bank statement?

If you have a Csrarea standing order on your bank statement you probably took out a subscription with one of our partners whom we provide after-sales services for. Please bear in mind that you are not a Csrarea’s customer but customer from the website that outsourced its customer relation management to us.

icon What are the services provided by Csrarea?

Csrarea provides you with an easy management of your subscriptions. To do so, please access your account by entering your e-mail address you used for your subscription. Then you will be able to get in touch with the agents responsible for your account, get all information that concerns your subscriptions, and even cancel the subscription.

icon What kind of subscription do you run the after sales service for?

Csrarea runs the customer relationship for subscriptions that facilitate the everyday life. We work with websites that provide help and assistance to private individuals or professionals for different procedures. We guarantee after sales service for entrepreneurship support, administrative assistance, sport tracking, etc.

icon I don’t remember taking out a descriptor’s subscription

You did not take out a subscription with us but you most probably took out a subscription with one of our partners we run the after-sale service for. This is why you have a “Csrarea” standing order appearing on your bank statement.

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